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Gourmet by Bergner – 5 Qt Stainless Steel Saute Pan with Vented Glass Lid and Helper Handle, 5 Quarts, 11 Inches, Polished

  • Induction-Safe: Y
  • Brand: Bergner Home
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Cleaning, Care & Maintenance: Hand Wash

The Gourmet stainless steel 5-quart sauté pan is the kitchen work horse necessary for any home cook. Heat and moisture are perfectly circulated throughout the pan thanks to the belly-shape design, ensuring optimum cooking results time after time. The 5-quart stainless steel sauté pan is ideal for pan-frying, browning meat, simmering, reductions, sautéing, and roasting. Made from high-quality stainless steel with an aluminum encapsulated base, the Gourmet stainless steel sauté pan is the ultimate long-lasting everyday-use cooking vessel.

– Long-Lasting Performance The Gourmet stainless steel cookware collection from Bergner is constructed from durable stainless steel for exceptional cooking performance day after day. This set is non-reactive to acidic food or odor, so the flavor of your meals is never altered and is naturally non-corrosive for easy maintenance.
– Stove to Oven to Dishwasher Gourmet stainless steel from Bergner is suitable for all stove types, including induction, is oven safe up to 350°F, and is dishwasher safe.
– Tempered Glass Lid Tempered glass lids with steam vent allows you to monitor the food with ease without interrupting the cooking process.
– Belly-Shaped Design The belly-shape design on the Gourmet collection from Bergner provides the best heat circulation throughout the cooking process. This allows heat and moisture to effortlessly circulate in the pot to deliver tender, flavorful results.
– 5 Quart Saute Pan – 5-quart covered sauté pan is ideal for sauteing, pan-frying, searing, and stir-frying. This Gourmet pan s unique shape is perfect for cooking down liquids, simmering, and braising.

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